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While I was preparing to get the 30 Day program together ( which is still being perfected!) I ran across an article at titled "10 tips for a Strong Start - by Brad Sugars.  I found the tips to be a great integration into the 30 day plan here.  I will work in the tips as we progress through our 30 Day Program.  I will also share some personal mistakes and tips from my journey.

The 10 tips outlined by Brad Sugars  in the article were as follows:
1Offer what people want to buy, not just what you want to sell.
2.  Get cash flowing ASAP!
3.  Always find new ways to keep costs low.
4When planning, always overestimate expenses and underestimate your revenues.
5.  Focus on sales and marketing manically.
6.  Find ways to exponentially increase profits.
7.  Test and measure everything.
8.  Accept that learning more equals earning more.
9.  Don't discount, add value.
10.Get a coach.      

DAY 1:


It is time to take ACTION and start your stringing business. I am going to take 30 days and break it down for you here. Small steps, doable steps and everything you need to get going. Day 1. Today I am keeping it simple and real. Get a notebook or journal and write in it your reason for taking action today! Like this journal from Amazon (to the left, clickable picture that will take you to Amazon). Or go to your local retail store and pick up a 'composition book'. I think it is important for you to have a place to put all your notes, thoughts and tricks!... You will learn a lot here and I will be available to all my readers via email if you have any questions. If you spend a few dollars on your journal then you might feel more like taking action.  Remember... this is a craft, skill and fun career!....

So for day one I will leave it at that.  Everyday we will take it step-by-step.  You will get resources, links, tips and everything you need to make this a reality for you.  I have been stringing for over 25 years and want to share my knowledge and expertise here.

SO don't hesitate, make the decision to start now.  Some of these steps may take you awhile because you make be a newbee.  Don't worry.  You will enjoy the stuff that will fill the pages here.  It is going to be practical, best practices stuff that will help you START AND RUN YOUR OWN STRINGING BUSINESS!...

Thanks for taking this journey with me.


DAY 2:

I need to make a few presumptions here and prerequisites for moving forward.  1.  I am assuming you know the basics of how to string a racket.  If you don't know how to string, you can still follow this 30 day program and I would recommend taking the "beginning stringing course.  I will be rolling this out shortly.  2.  I am not assuming you have a machine necessarily, we will cover that later.  If you have a stringing machine, great this puts you a little ahead in terms of getting started.

Ok so let's dive into Day 2:  BUSINESS NAME AND STRUCTURE OF THE BUSINESS.  Today we will be looking at creating a part-time structure for getting a stringing business started.  Forming a business structure etc.  I am keeping each day to one or too tasks mainly so that you can take ACTION!  I am not giving any legal advise so I would recommend you consult someone who can.  I have found it useful to visit my local library and get some books on starting a business.  There are benefits to setting up the various types of structures and the most important thing that I want to emphasis is that in order to qualify for wholesale pricing you really need to operate this as a business!   There are a few ways to get discounts without and I will share those with you later but to get the deeper discounts it is critical to set your stringing business up under one of the recognized groups.

Here are a few books you might want to check out (click on the image to be taken to Amazon).

 So for day two I would write some ideas in my journal about the various business structures and the benefits of each, start thinking of a Business name and contact your local city to find out about setting up a small business.

DAY 3:  At this point it would have been helpful to have some ideas and notes on paper regarding what you want your business to look like.  This will help you focus your actions in the coming weeks and set you up for making this a reality.  I wanted to take day 3 to discuss what you will need in order to start your business. The list here is to get you to start brainstorming, you might have additional things as well.

    Stringing machine
    stringing tools (bent nose pliers, straight pliers, cutters, fingernail clippers, large scissors / garden shears, starting clamp 
    tennis strings ( start with a few lines in synthetic, multi-filament and polyester ), reels or sets.
    marketing materials: business cards, flyers
    website / facebook page
    racket label / stickers (for stringing info that you will put on each racket, also has your name and phone number on it)
    a cell phone to receive / call with voicemail set up
    business license with the city your business resides in
    internet access
    This list is just the starting point.  We will fill in more specifics and answer the questions to take action on each with a estimate of costs as well.

    Last updated 5/5/16

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