Stringing 101 Course


DECEMBER 27, 2021

Start with watching this video from beginning to end and see the basics of how a tennis racket is strung.  I will then take each part and make a separate video to explain each step.  



Racket Pre-check:  Things to look for before stringing your next tennis racket.

Before you even put your racket on the machine it is a good idea to look it over.  First off I will put the plastic over the grip, remove the vibration dampner and attach to the grip with a rubber band (these tend to get lost sometimes).  Next I look over the frame for any cracks or stress marks ( you will find these usually around the throat, 10 o'oclock and 1 o'clock, but can be anywhere on the frame.  I will also look to see where the strings are worn ( good opportunity to customize the frame with lead tape , adjust the balance if your not utilizing the sweet spot well).  I am also looking for any cracked grommets or worn headguard.  Check out the youtube video at accompanies this post.  If this is helpful please subscribe to the youtube channel.


The stringing 101 course starts Monday October 5, 2020.  Check back here, videos will be posted.  Please be sure to subscribe to the youtube channel as well.

SEPTEMBER 15, 2020

MARK this day down on the calendar.  Let's call this day one on your stringing journey.  If you already enjoy tennis there is nothing better than getting started after having a two week US OPEN watching binge. :)

I will be sharing some resources and products that I will be using for this stringing course.  All the equipment that you will need is something that is readily available currently and I will show you what I spend and where I bought it.  

I will list the items you will need here and I will share more about where to purchase in the next few days.  (They are not affiliate links and I do not get anything for you purchasing them, I want to make that clear up front.  The reason I don't want to use affiliate links is that I want you to understand that what I am endorsing is what I am using not because I can get a residual but because it was what I wanted to use for this course). 

Materials needed:      Stringing machine, 5 sets nylon (synthetic) tennis strings (no poly),  Set of stringing tools, racket tension gauge,  grommet replacement kit and a few other misc items to be discussed later.



SEPTEMBER 14, 2020

In order to best serve my intended target audience for this course I will be stringing on a stringing machine that is currently available and one that has popularity with the entry level stringing groups.  If you have a stringing machine than that should work fine otherwise I would recommend the Klippermate (made in the USA and has been a favorite to beginning home stringers).  You can find it on their website at  klipperusa. 

Using a ' drop-weight' machine such as the klippermate will work great.  You can find other brands such as Gamma or Alpha that make 'drop-weight machines.  What I like about this machine is there is service and parts available as needed, it is a machine that has been around for many years and due to it's popularity you could sell it when it's time to upgrade.  I think this machine will be perfect for this course and I will be puting my order in for one shortly.  I would recommend new so that there is no issue with the clamps, old worn parts,etc.  You should be able to pick this up for under $300 shipped. As of this writing (9/14/2020) the basic model was listed for $239 on the website.  There will be some additional tools you will want to get as well.  I will list those tomorrow here on the course page.

I strung my first tennis racket in a country club in Southern California in 1988 on a Prince manual pull machine and have never looked back.  Most of my stringing career has been done on computerized machines ranging from Babolat Star 3, 4 and 5, Technifibre, Prince and Gamma 600 machines.  I am sharing this here just to say that I have the experience that will help you get a solid foundation here and then propel you to a higher level at a much faster pace on a straight trajectory.  Stay tuned.

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