stringing 101 - Mounting the Racket on the Stringing Machine plus check out the pre - stringing checklist.

Latest video on our Stringing 101 Course, mounting the frame and review of pre-stringing tips. Before we mount the frame let us do the pre-mounting racket check.

Mounting The Racket. Using a basic stringing machine such as the Klippermate is a great way to learn the basics of stringing without getting to comfortable with the features of the more advanced machines. Once you learn to string a racket using just the basics you can start to think about the features you want on your machine going forward. 

 Using a '2 point' mounting system provides the basic stability to secure the tennis frame so that there is minimal movement of the frame during the stringing process. It is critical to keep the frame from moving during stringing in order to keep the integrity of the frame intact.

The Klippermate has 2 U-Bolt Wing Nuts on each Vise Pracket that which move in order to adjust to various frame 'Head' sizes. It is important to remember to tighten these before you move on to securing the frame with the Vise Bolt Knobs. Once the frame is secured, try to move the frame from left to right, it should Not move at this stage. You are now ready to start installing the strings. 

 Watch the next video in our Racket Stringing 101 course to continue learning.

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