The 2020 US Open Tennis and racket stringing changes

To be honest there is not really that much that changes from year to year stringing at the OPEN.  If you have never seen how it is done or been part of it than yes it would all be new and exciting for you.  The faces may change, the equipment has a few minor upgrades, some string preferences change, the price may go up but for the most part the players leave with a quality string job and are ready to head to the court every time.  What especially struck me this year was seeing a photo of the stringing room. It was during a video interview of one of the stringers that it dawned on me how things must be so different this year.  Without the crowds of spectators, interested on lookers to the stringing room it was probably a lot quieter, no onlookers and a lot less people.  What was unique obviously was the impact that the COVID 19 had this year and seeing the 'racket stringers' wearing face masks during stringing.  It must have been somewhat more intimate not having the crowds and only the players, volunteers, stringers and other essential services.  Just a few thoughts while I was thinking about this years tournament.  I miss the US Open stringing and especially this year because of all the changes..... I applaud  all those that went out for such a mission this year. 

I would have included a link but couldnt find the article / picture again. 




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