COURSE COMING SOON.   Sorry for the delay around starting the Beginner Racket Stringing Course.  I hope to have everything up and running in September or October 2020.  Please stay tuned.  I want to make this fun and interactive with feedback and live video opportunities.  I think knowing how to string rackets is important if you play tennis, taking ownership and pride in your equipment is important.  As you become more comfortable with stringing and getting a handle of string technology you can start working toward generating income from this skill. 

The first part of the course will focus on the racket and choosing the stringing machine for this course.  I have spent most of my stringing career using computerized constant pull professional machines but that is not always the best for the beginner.  I understand that most beginners will be using manual drop weight machines and it makes more sense to teach someone to string on what you have at home and will be learning on.  Drop weight machines are the most popular with the home stringer mostly due to its low cost and ease of purchase and availability.   I will take you through the stages of choosing the drop weight machine and will be using only equipment that is available on the open market for everyone to purchase.  This is going to be fun and well worth your time.

I am always open to questions and will get back to you quickly, you can leave your comments or questions on this post.  I have strung rackets for over 25 years and strung in a number of club settings, tennis shops and at professional tournaments.  I had the opportunity to learn from someone who did it right from the beginning and kept me from establishing bad habits and I want to teach with that same idea in mind.

Happy stringing and stay tuned!


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