I have no idea what tension I should string my new tennis racket at?

SO now that you decided to upgrade your tennis gear, it is time to figure out what tension to try in your new tennis racket.  Experimentation is fun and part of the process of finding that perfect combination of string and tension.  I am going to give you a few quick tips and suggestions to get you feeling ready on what tension you should start out at for your new racket.


1.  Your racket is new, the grommets are new so the first string job may feel different even though you may be used to the same tension and / or racket you are stringing for the first time.  Just keep this in mind.

2.  Try to change just one variable at a time so you can start tweeking it for perfection!  What I mean here is if you are used to a 100 square inch frame with NXT 17g at 55lbs, try to change only one thing, so if your new frame is also 100 square inch or very close than either change the string or the tension but not both.  It will be much easier to make adjustments and figure out what is working / not working when only one thing was changed.


Ok so here is the short of it.  Number 2. above might have answered the question for you but if that did not apply to you then read on.  For the first stringing on your new frame, with a new size frame I would continue using the same string type and install the string at the 'MID RANGE' of what the Manufacturer recommends.  You will find this information in the throat of the frame, it is generally a 10 lb range.  For example if the recommended tension is to string between 55- 65 lbs than string the racket at 60lbs.

So there you have it, start by stringing in the middle and then adjust based on how it feels.  Tomorrow I will discuss tension changes.

Happy stringing!  Email me for questions or comments.  I would also add that your stringing machine also a variable to accommodate for.  If you are stringing your new frame with a different type of stringing machine this can also affect how the 'string job' comes out.


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