Your closest competition can be your best resource for racket stringing-LEARN FROM YOUR COMPETITION!

Let me explain this in detail.  I was doing my daily research and ran across "Dick's Sporting Goods - racket stringing services".  And I remembered back to a time I had a stringing service and how having a large 'box' store near by helped me out.

LET ME EXPLAIN. ! Stay with me here....

According to as of 05/27/2017 Dick's Sporting Goods is the no.2 sporting good retail behind Walmart.  Although this is not all that important for my illustration, I just wanted to point out the credibility of this competition in the US Market Place.  As of March 2016 there were 610 Dick's sporting goods stores in 47 states ( I just happened to live in one of the 3 states that does NOT have one!). I found the Racket Stringing Services page on their website here.

WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT?  Well let me expain.   DICK's sporting goods will have a large inventory of strings , stringing accessories.   First off, it is a way to gauge what the mainstream  competition is and how you can position yourself to be better.  The other takeaway here is the fact that in tight situations you can buy your string from them.  You want to offer fast reliable service and knowing what your local competition has on hand can help you fill in and expand your string choices without the extra $$ to carry large inventory.  NOW I do want to say this with caution because you will pay more getting your string from your competition (lowering your gross profit ) but I have found this to help me on more than one occasion. 

So check out what they have too offer, their prices and experience.  If you feel you lack experience, you may see if you can join their stringing team.... 

Hope this was helpful.  Be sure to let me know and remember to sign up for the stringing tips email.

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nishit said…
thank you so much for sharing your tips. I will try to follow them.