You don't need a retail location to have a great tennis stringing business

It can be daunting sometimes to compare yourself to the 'BIG' guys and not think that you can make it without a 'location'.  The main take-away here is 'Know your competition' , 'Know your market' , 'Know your strengths', and especially 'Know what your competition is doing in your market!"

This being said.  You can position yourself and your strength can be their weakness.  Here is an example.  The store down the street has 24-48 hour stringing turnaround, so you come in and offer same day service or 'money back' guarantee!  Yes this will mean work for you setting this up but if you deliver on this, you will get business and word will spread.  The 'players' that need quick turnaround will be the ones that keep coming back.

Another quick tip - make sure you know what your market wants.  It is easy to get caught up in the hype from the racket companies on all the 'latest' strings.  Just know what works in your market and have that ready.  Know your strings, the technology behind them and you will drown out your competition!.

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