This weeks newsletter is out and a breakdown of Wilson's racket string patterns

I sent out this weeks newsletter and then spent another few hours finishing up the spreadsheet of 41 current top Wilson tennis rackets and their string patterns.  The findings were somewhat revealing to me.  I am all about breaking things down to steps, letting the basics sink in and building upon that.  Once you learn a racket is strung, the various patterns may throw you at first but will start to make sense as you become more confident.

Breaking down the Wilson rackets you can see a few patterns:

41 rackets break down into 6 different stringing patterns
2 of those patterns have shared holes

The six patterns are as follows

Mains skip 8T, 8H (mostly 16m/19x patterns)
Mains skip 9T, 9H (mostly 18m/19x patterns)
Mains skip 8T,10T,8H,10H (mostly 18m/20x patterns)
Mains skip 9T,8H,10H (mostly 18m/16x patterns) They also have 7T, 8T SHARED HOLES
Mains skip 7T,9T,7H,9H (mostly 16m/18x patterns)
Mains skip 5H,7H,9H,11H,12H (only k factor kzero)

So you can see that by just knowing the patterns of the 6 listed above you can quickly figure out how to string the 41 Wilson rackets out.

Pretty simple right.  You can get this info by going to the 'string-patterns' menu botton (like  shown below )and choose the Racket companies name to see the patterns for those frames. 

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