8 things you need to know to be a better racket stringer.

Learning from your mistakes and from the mistakes of others seems to be how we learn with  many things we do.  Truthfully it would initially appear that  learning from others mistakes is easier than learning from our own mistakes, but sometimes when we make our own mistakes it sinks in harder and perhaps makes for lasting change.

With racket stringing, try new ways to be better, don't use shortcuts and be honest with yourself in your ability level.  Here are 8 must know things to improve:

1.  You need to know frame structures, compositions and preparing the frame for stringing.
2.  know what tools / machines are more effective and have proper tools and machines that are calibrated and functioning properly. 
3.  Understand string compositions and characteristics and know what is out on the market and how they relate to tension and racket compositions.
4.  know how to replace grommets, headguards, grips and butt caps.
5.  Understand techniques and how to properly do things to avoid problems later on.  Know your limitations.
6.  know what to charge for your work, don't sell yourself short, understand your competition and work hard.
7.  Know how to handle natural gut strings / prestretching.
8.  Hybrid stringing - know and understand the importance and benefits.

I will spend some time going into detail about these in the days to come.  

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