Tennis Racket Stringing Tip - mounting the frame plus more..

For 2016 I have updated my Ebook "25 Racket Stringing tips"  which goes into detail about 25 must know tips and tricks for racket stringing.   I go into detail about stringing tips that I have learned over the past 25 years.  When I learned to string I was taught by someone who was serious about making stringing his career and this helped me to learn the correct way at the beginning and which later developed into good habits.  Some of these tips may seem small or trivial but take it from someone who has strung at professional tournaments, these tips come in handy and may even save your butt when your in a crunch.  There is no room for error when doing this on the professional level!  I have found it is much harder to break a bad habit than just learn it right the first time.  Ok enough about this, let's get started.  If you enjoy this content please think about getting my Ebook and having these all in one place.

MOUNTING THE FRAME incorporates several tips that are handy and worth a mention.  Since there are a variety of different mounting systems on various types of stringing machines I would keep this more generalized by saying that  (1) be sure to secure your frame correctly, check to make sure the frame wont move and that the racket is installed straight and no grommets are being crushed or bent.  You will most likely find out pretty quickly if your frame is not mounted securely .  I have seen stringers and not just newbie stringers forget to secure the frame.  Don't take the chance of damaging the frame.  Also remember that you can 'OVER TIGHTEN a frame just as you can having it not tight enough.  What happens is if it is too tight, you might have trouble releasing the mounts, especially in a Babolat easy mount type system.  frame tends to expand some and push against the mounts so just secure it snug.

(2) Determine for yourself which side of the frame will be your short side - this only applies to when your using the ' around the world ' or 'one piece' stringing method  but keep it consistent.  Once you determine ito choose either LEFT or RIGHT than stick too it.  You might even make a note to yourself on your machine or near your stringing area.  This is important for a few reasons but mostly to keep your stringing CONSISTENT.  (3)  The third tip goes along with this by  remembering  to always have the 'buttcap facing up', the reason for this is that if you can remember to do this the right side or left side will always be the same because you are incorporating tip 2 and 3 here.  We all tend to get into a habit of how many strings we pull on each side before switching, so these little tips will keep you consistent beacuse again THIS IS WHAT STRINGING IS ALL ABOUT - CONSISTENCY.  If a customer brings you three identically frames to string with the same tension than it could matter if change up your stringing and they may not come out the same.

RECAP:  Secure the frame in your machine, check to make sure it is secure before installing any strings.  Check to make sure the 'buttcap' logo is facing up and start stringing on the side you determined will be your 'starting point' short - side.

I hope this helps.  I will be sharing more and be sure to email me anytime if you have questions.

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