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Just like with any job or industry, you need to stay current with the happenings about your trade. Your customers will expect you to know what is new and what the trade publications and industry sources are saying. Tennis Magazine is a publication that started in 1954 and has a circulation of over 600,000.  It is probably the most widely distributed publication for the tennis player and fan. Take the latest issue of 'Tennis' Magazine, in the May/June2016 issue there are several things that I would like to highlight here. Aside from the latest on Maria Sharapova's ordeal to the French Open preview there are numerous advertisements and articles that apply to 'Racket Stringers". Again I am going to focus on what is important to the stringer!...

Pay attention to what brands and items are advertised.  If Yonex, Gamma and Head have full page ads then take not of what these companies may have that would interest your customer.  If a customer recognizes Head as an authority in Rackets than knowing about the Head strings would be important - do you see the connection here? 

Gamma has a full page ad promoting its "ultimate Game changer" Gamma OCHO string line - this is not new to this issue by any means, but continues to be something that Gamma is promoting.. Have you heard of it? if not now might be a good time to read up on it.  You should be asking yourself questions like:  What type of technologies does it use?, what type of  player would benefit?  How much does it cost? Does it come in various guages?  Where do you go to find out more info.  Another thing to consider is the cost because you need to think if you can make a profit from selling it.  Just from reading the 'one page advertisement' I can determine that the GAMMA "OCHO" string is an octagonal string with eight edges for extra bite into the ball and that apparently it comes in one guage only.

STRATEGY HERE:  I like to add in strategies that you can employ now and use to your business.  This string might be good for the player looking for extra bite into the ball.  Perhaps they use a poly base string now or not.  SO here is the tip:  If the player is using synthetics, perhaps use this in a hybird.  Put the OCHO in the mains, string a few #lbs. less tension and use their old synthetic in the cross.  This way you are only changing one variable at a time to see if they are getting more spin and bite into the ball.  If they use a poly than perhaps put this in the entire string bed, mains and crosses and keep tension the same.  Helpful?  Let me know.  According to the info out on the web, and the manufacturers website, OCHO only comes in 16g currently as of this writing.  I have written extensively on hybrid stringing and will be updating and providing more resources on this soon. 

 Learning to string rackets is only the beginning to being a good racket stringer!.... The word will get out quick if you can help others and can recommend something to help their game! Ok lets go!.... According to the advertisement: The Gamma OCHO string - is the ultimate spin, power and control. It combines the Multifilament, polyester and solid core technology.

 So I would head over to and check out what they have to say. If you are not as familiar with the string technology and terminology than head over to Tennis-Warehouse learning center.  Check  Gamma Sports Ocho XP 16G Tennis String, Natural on Amazon to find out good pricing and ordering.

Here are the links to the string on Amazon and the various models.
    Gamma Sports Ocho XP 16G Tennis String, Natural 
    Gamma Sports Ocho TNT 16G Tennis String, Natural  
    Gamma Sports Ocho 16G Tennis String, Silver

As I continue through the pages of the latest "Tennis" magazine I see the full page ad from  FREE STRING FOR A YEAR!  Buy any Head Graphene XT performance frame and get free string (the catch:  one set every 3 months).  I would find out more about this, may be a good promotion for your business?

I also noticed the two page spread from DICK'S sporting good regarding a FREE racquet restringing with any Tennis Purchase. I lastly look at the back of the magazine to see if any advertisements are relevant to stringing.  I see a few but nothing that may be time sensitive.  I have noticed that the Tourna brand has expanded from just Tournagrip overgrip to strings and stringing machines.

So be sure to keep up with reading the latest and most read publications so you can share with your customers.

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