Learn from Professional Racket stringers at the 4 grand slams

Watch what happens at the 4 Grand Slam Events.  These short videos give you insight about what happens in the Stringing Room.  I have worked with the top stringers and although it looks easy, it is all about consistent, error free stringing.  Watch these videos and see what tips you pick up!.  See how they use a starting clamp, tie-off, weave and clamp off. 

Here are links to the Grand Slams:

French Open
US Open
Australian Open

The Australian Open 2016 string team was the Yonex team this year which is different from the previous years where the on-sight stringers were the Wilson Team..  The stringer talking on the video is an excellent stringer and friend that taught me how to string some 25 years ago.  If you want to improve at stringing, learn from the best, read and practice.

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