3 Resources to help your tennis stringing business now.

STAY CURRENT if you want to be considered the EXPERT in your field.  I think this holds true in anything you do from teaching, coaching, to even  Tennis Racket Stringing!

So here are 5 resources that I use and consider important and ultimately -"keep you in the game".  Please note that I am not affiliated with any of these and do not get any commissions for mentioning.  I think they are important and keep these bookmarked.  This list is not all inclusive but ones that you should regularly keep up with.  (They are not necessarily in order of importance, just alphabetical).  My guess is that you already follow some or all of these because they are some core tennis resources.

1.  Industry Publication - In the United States. ' TENNIS' Magazine is connected and pretty much everywhere.  I have been reading this magazine for many years and it appears that over the years it seems to be getting smaller (less pages in print) and this could be for a number of  factors and many readers prefer the Online version .  I still like print magazines and seeing ads that might be important to stringing.  So get a subscription, find a print copy to read at your local tennis establishment, club,etc or spend some regular time with the online version.  You will stay current with equipment, strings, rackets, what the industry want us to know.  Tennis magazine can help you learn about new products and trends and the latest scores of matches as well.  You won't find many stringing tips and I will share other publications for that....and you won't find real technical or professional tour information either, it is geared for the club player but again that is your customer!  So read what your customer is seeing, and be sure to know what strings the industry is promoting and displaying... this can help you gear your product mix better and possibly reach a wider audience.

Note: If you are a member of the USTA (United States Tennis Association) you get a subscription to 'Tennis' magazine automatically.  You may find it laying around your tennis club, facility, pro-shop, etc.  You can also read a free copy at your local library!

2.  Google+ notifications -Lets you keep up with your topic of choice.  Head over to Google (information from the google site states the follows:).  This is a great place to type in topics like 'Racket Stringing' or 'Latest Tennis strings', but beware you will be getting lots of notifications.

Turn email notifications on or off
  1. Go to your Google+ Settings.
  2. Scroll down to the "Receive notifications" section and click each heading to open that section.
  3. Check or uncheck the types of notifications you'd like to receive.
Turn SMS or push notifications on or off
  1. Go to your Google+ Settings.
  2. Scroll down to the "Notification delivery" section.
  3. Under the "Phone" section, choose one of these options:
    • Push notifications
    • SMS notifications
    • Don't notify me
3.  Read Tennis Industry Magazine (formerly known as RSI) -  This magazine is the Industry trade publication for Tennis.  It comes out monthly and you can subscribe to printed copy for a yearly cost or subscribe to the free online edition.  You will find out what is happening in tennis, sponsorship deals, information on new products, new lines of products, stringing tips and other data and research.  As an example the May 2016 issue highlights the 2016 rackets, stringing tips about weaving, USTA teaching pro news, health tips and benefits of Tennis on your health.  Industry awards are noted, new products highlighted and the people watch section tells you about what people are doing.  This has interesting information, string reviews and lots of things that are relevant to racket stringing professionals.

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