The journey to becoming a better racquet stringer

It is a journey just like any other profession or trade.  Treat 'stringing' with the same respect and professionalism and you will see your skills and business grow.  After 20 + years of stringing tennis rackets I have learned much, taught much and made my share of mistakes (hopefully only once!).  Be teachable and read what others are doing.

In August of 2014, The New Yorker ran an article titled "Roger Federer's Nine Racquets"  .  The content included some details that could be valuable to a racket stringer and give you a feel for the importance of  'reliability' and 'consistency' with relation to stringing.  I define 'reliability' as the critical factor that I deal with every time I flip the power switch on my stringing machine.  I am assuming it will 'power-up' and pull tension at the same rate as before and do it over and over again (without this I cannot do what I do!).  I have found through years of stringing with a Babolat Star 3 and 4 machine that I can count on the reliability factor.  In this article you can also see that Roger Federer's stringing team can also count on Babolat (This is not a plug for Babolat but I think the equipment is superior to most).

The article also highlights specifics about Federer and his stringing needs, some fun facts and info on what it's like stringing on tour, in a hotel room and for professional players.  You may want to check it out.


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