Stringing the HEAD Graphene XT Speed PWR Tennis Racket

Like with any racket that needs to be strung, take note of the holes that need to be skipped both at the throat and head.  Generally you will skip one or two holes but with this particular racket take note of two holes get skipped!....

Stringing the Racket : When stringing this frame there are a few things to keep in mind.  The frame is 115 square inches and it skips 7, 9 H  (head) and 7, 9, 10 T (Throat).   So the first thing I will do is take note that I might need a little extra string on the short side due to it being oversize and requiring more length to reach Head to Throat and that with the Throat skipping two cross strings I need to watch this when installing strings.

I will take the string in hand and measure approx 3 1/2 lengths of the frame and use this as my short side.  I will then check to see if this will be adequate for stringing the mains.  Because the short side will end up at the Head of the frame, I will be stringing this frame using the "Around - the - world" stringing method.  The numbers above correspond to the holes that the 'Main' strings will skip as you install the strings.  Generally you will see a small black dote next to the hole indicating that that is a main.  The holes for the tie-off are also noted on the frame for reference (FYI - you do not need to use these holes but generally a good idea when possible.).

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