Oops! my short side came up short! Here is the solution.

You know what I'm talking about.  We have all done it one time or another, during one-piece stringing you come up short during the stringing of the short side of the frame.  Measure, count the number of main strings and divide by 2 or estimate and pre-weave the main strings.  Choose your favorite way from these three.  Generally what I have found that works is once you become experienced enough and you measure arm lengths or measure the length of the racket 3.5 times or so you get a feel for the short side.  At first and beginners might want to count how many main strings on that side and measure them out one at a time.  I am a proponent of pre-weaving mains (something I learned stringing in the big leagues - saves time) and this way I never run short and know right away if I am stringing around the world or traditional top-down.  More on this in a later post.

Once you come up short, if you have enough string to tie off then a starting clamp can be the most useful tool but if your string doesnt even make it to the last main than it's TIME TO START OVER!

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