GET HELP WITH 2 Piece racket stringing - Is it necessary?

I know some stringers that will use a two piece pattern ( 4 knots) on basically every racket they string!.  I can see several reasons for this and a good practice for beginning stringers.

Stringing two piece is useful for the following:
1.  Hybrid stringing pattern
2.  Dual Tension same string
3.  When the mains end up on the bottom and you don't know how to 'string-around-the-world'
4.  Stringing Poly - less strings moving across the string bed creating less friction and less burn.
5.  Quicker - at least in my experience I can go somewhat faster with shorter strings. (could be a mental thing but works for me!).

I have also found that on some Babolat rackets that if I plan on stringing 'one-piece' and need to do around the world that I need to create my own tie-off holes (use a awl ahead of stringing and make the whole bigger to accommodate the tie-off string.  Not a big deal but takes some preplanning.

I will talk some more about pre-planning tomorrow.  I was thinking more about this and have found myself at times stuck in what I was doing because I did not plan ahead and know exactly what my plans for the stringing were.  I will explain later.  Hope this helps with the idea of two-piece stringing.  Just remember ultimately your goal is to install strings properly (top-down) and with the least amount of burn and tension loss.

Please comment, drop me a note, etc.  I would like to hear what your thoughts are on this issue.  I want to make 2016 the year I can really help support the stringing community.


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