Take a look at the Wimbledon Racket stringing room 2015 and learn some stringing tips

To us tennis geeks, it's always fun to see what is happening inside the stringing room.  See what equipment they use and sometimes pick up some fun facts....

Watch this video and pick up some tips.  You will quickly see professional tie off knots, starting clamps being used see the first cross string is under the mains on both ends, watch simple weaving as to keep the gut from being damaged on the more abrasive poly mains, watch the weaving technique and see how he keeps the main strings from getting notched.  A rookie stringer would be pulling each string over the mains and this causes small notches to weaken the strings and many times will cause premature breakage.  The Babolat stringing machines also make the process easier, I have always found these to be high quality machines that produce a pretty consistent result.

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