Serena takes her 6th Wimbledon Title

It's not a big surprise result to see Serena take the title once again.  She continues to be on top of her game.  Over the past 5 to 10 years Serena continues to be a strong frontrunner on the women's tour.  Over the past year I have not followed the game as closely as I would have liked but am working on putting some valuable content on this site.  I have always enjoyed the grand slams for their uniqueness.  I have been fortunate enough to have been to Wimbledon and take in the sights. 

Some of my favorite moments are those simple things and traditions such as waiting in line for tickets sitting on the grass outside the stadium, strawberries and cream, walking the outer courts and watching the practice sessions etc.

From a racket stringers perspective, it's not much different, the tensions change, the machines are different but the process is all the same.

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