This Tennis Racket Stringing tool is for sure the most versitle and has the most uses when stringing.

In my past writing here at Racket Stringing Tips I have posted  on the importance of the 'STARTING CLAMP' and have outlined several uses that I have found to be helpful.  During my research and study this weekend I ran across a great article that sums it up well.  In the May 2015 Tennis Industry Magazine the article is titled "One Tool, Many use"s by Bob Patterson. I liked the illustrations because it supported the text well and made it more prescriptive.  I highly recommend you take a look at the article and review it yourself.  The starting clamp has been an essential tool for me over the years and I generally use it for every racket that I string. 

Tennis Industry Magazine has gone through some changes and was previously called Racket Sports Industry magazine.  This trade publication is well known to industry and tennis business owners.  You can read it online.

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