Day 3 of the Racket Stringing Business Program

DAY 3: Ok before we move any farther we need to start learning how to string, I wanted this program to begin all the way at the beginning as if you have never strung before. Don’t stop reading yet, this will also be good for those of you that already know the basics because you will learn short cuts, best practices, tips and just good advise as you continue learning your craft. The next step is to get supplies together so we can start stringing, and I will show some short video’s to help you along the way. It is probably going to take us a week or more to get our machine, tools, string, etc. I plan on ordering the same thing in order to be working right aside you as you learn. While we wait for the materials to arrive we will get our business cards together and discuss what we need there and that way we can keep moving forward and not waste time waiting for our machine to arrive. So for today I just want to you to think about the basic items we need to get started. Tomorrow I will talk about each, what I would recommend and where to buy. If you already have than you are one step ahead, also feel free to email me regarding any questions. LIST: 1. stringing machine 2. string to practice with 3. basic stringing tools – awl, clippers, pliers, starting clamp 4. tennis racket to practice with. Tomorrow I will go into depth about each of the items listsed above and than figure out the best deals to get our needed equipment. If you have some of the items listed above, get them out and find a place that you will use to set up your stringing business! See you tomorrow - Patrick

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