Day 2 of the Racket stringing program - Get Started Today.

DAY 2: So on to day 2 of our stringing program, I did not have a chance to submit material over the weekend but we are going to get a fresh start for this week and get Monday off to a great start. So I hope you got something down on paper for Day 1 assignment, I will try to give a few assignments throughout the week to get you engaged in making this a reality. Let us break down the various parts of what you need to get your business started: 1. Understanding your goal. 2. Meeting a need in your community. 3. Knowledge of Tennis, Racquet Technology, Strings and Racquet Stringing. 4. Understanding your target market. 5. Physical requirements–marketing, product, equipment and place. 6. Understanding your limitations. 7. Know where to go to access help and support. The above listed 7 items are general and we can discuss each over numerous pages of material and I plan on doing so as we progress in our course. For now, however I would encourage you to write down some things before we move forward. We will do more research later but for now try to describe what strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats that you see for starting this business (S.W.O.T). This little exercise will help you think about your business more. The second part of DAY 2 is to start learning about tennis strings and stringing. One resource that I always direct students too is Tennis Warehouse. If you play tennis at all you are probably aware of this Giant Online Retailer. You will find helpful information about string technology, racket technology, information on strings and just a great resource for getting up to speed on what is new. It is important to know about as many of the technologies, string compositions as possible because it pays to be informed and to be able to address questions when your clients ask. Stay one step ahead of your clients with information and be a valuable resource for them. So get started and do the exercise and write down some things about your business ideas as listed above and explore the website for learning information. See you tomorrow. -Patrick

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