The year ahead in racket stringing with stringing courses and tips!

This holiday season has been a great time to reflect on the year ahead and especially a time to focus my ideas on what I want this site to be in 2014.  I hope that the information found here can help my audience-racket stringers everywhere and at all levels be more productive and expand their know how.  The first of my efforts will focus specifically on the 'Newbie Stringer' and this will include the new stringing course that is starting in Mid-January (Racket Stringing 101).  Secondly the '365' stringing tips that I will hope to roll out 'one per day' for the entire 2014 year will provide stringers of all levels with some tips and time saving stuff.

After 20 years of stringing rackets I have picked up some valuable tips and now I want to share these with my readers.  I also hope to get the design just right on this site so that the readability and navigation makes stuff easy to find.  The hours I spend each day sifting through tennis information online will yield some valuable information that I will post and share.  I hope YOU the reader will post, comment,join the newsletter,
tweet and like this and become part of the family. 

Best Wishes in 2014

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