THe Blackburne Tennis Racquet

I stumbled upon an ad for the Blackburne Tennis Racquet from 1998 while flipping through the pages of an old Tennis magazine.  You might remember this racquet, especially if you were the one stringing it!  It required that you actually string two complete string jobs on the frame.  Although you were only stringing one bed at a time, it became a little tricky until you get the hang of it, at least you could charge for two restrings.  The racquet boasted a more innovative form, created a three dimensional structure for more strength and stability, bigger sweet spot and more stable.  Well just like most fads in tennis, it had its time in the limelight and perhaps now more of a unique part of the racquet history, some of us stringers won't forget.  If you had any stories around stringing this frame, please share them here, would love to hear them.

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