Where should I put my lead tape?

Here is a do-it-yourself tip on 'lead tape' for tennis rackets. Quick Fact: Adding lead tape will make your racket heavier, it is the simple fact but keep in mind the placement of the lead tape will determine its effectiveness. 3 primary benefit to adding lead tape are more stability on shots, more power and better dampening. 1. Put lead tape in the head to make it head-heavy to generate more pace on the ball (hit a heavier ball). 2. Put lead tape in the handle for the head-light feel and to create a racket that is easier to maneuver for volleys. 3. Put lead tape around the throat area for a heavier overall feel and stability. If you find that your volleys are lacking that stability and your racket is 'twisting' on you, perhaps adding the lead tape around the 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock position will help. I hope you found this quick tip helpful. If you would like to receive tips each week please sign up for our newsletter.

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