Understanding the Head Intellistring Hybrid Tennis String

My experience with Head Tennis strings in the past has been that I can live without them and that the price / profit objective I was trying to achieve didn't work because the prices were to high and the string doesn't have the following like some other comparable strings.  This is not to say that I don't like any of the strings or feel they are inferior, to the contrary many of the Head tennis strings offer a quality string that deliver. Many large tennis retailers and specialty shops will carry Head tennis strings, but sometimes as part of a shipment deal that includes rackets and strings. 

Some of my clients provide their own string and I was reminded of the power of Head Intellistring while stringing a Head oversize frame.  The Head Intellistring is a hybrid and the package contains RIP Power in a 16g (1,28mm) and a RIP Feel in a 17g (1,23mm).  Generally one would put the Power in the mains and the Feel in the crosses, and this becomes easily determined because you will find that the Power is cut to a 22 ft length and the Feel is cut to a 18 ft length.  Generally you will need to keep this in mind if you are going to switch it up because 18ft may be cutting it short in the mains for a 18 x 20 pattern.  The Power has a rough exterior that is excellent for topspin.  If you were stringing the racket all around with the rough string it might be harder to string, but in the hybrid with a smooth cross string, it installs fairly easily.

Although the Head Intellistring Power does not appear to be in the current line of products by Head - as indicated by their website, you can now find it On Sale and discounted at the online retailers.  At under $10 dollars this string might be at profitable margins now.  Currently you can pick it up at Tennis Express for $8.95.   
It has been around for several years and has come down in price some at the retail level. 

If you are looking for the latest in Head technology you might check out the PWR Fusion string or FXP Power.  If you visit Head's website and review the current line of tennis strings you will not find Intellistring listed. 

Providing your customers with string choices is important for your business and for customer retention.  The challenge can be deciding what to carry.  When starting out your stringing business it might be best to pick one or two current strings in each category and add a new string as your business increases and you have a better feel of what your clients want.

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