Tennis January 1992 A look back -Jim Courier, ProBlend and Nick Bollettieri

A look down memory lane, Tennis style.  Jim Courier and his Diadora outfit take up the cover, at $2.50 per issue and 83 pages thick, it is sure to pack more words than an issue does today, fur sure!.   Wow where were we without the internet and WWW, what no Facebook either?, how did we survive without 'liking' and 'sharing' everything we see. 

HEAD introduced the Discovery racket with suspension grip and symmetrical bridge design.  You might remember the 720, 660 or 600 frame?  -Revolutionary, yes? maybe not. 

John McEnroe and Tatum O'Neal where hanging out, Michael Stich sporting his short Reebok shorts and putting at the Saddlebrook Resort in Florida. 

Wilson Sporting Goods was awarded the first to initiate tennis-ball can recycling with 13,000 ball containers being recycled at the US OPEN....Wow, I guess?

Capriati and Courier were the most improved Pros and both moved into the top ten by the end of 1991, Reebok and Nike were also fighting for No. 1.,whatever happened to Reebok tennis?

Nick Bollettieri had a one page ad for his Tennis Hotline at $1.99 per minute for either touchtone or rotary dial phones.  I wonder if that every made him any money.  Glad for the Internet yet, wow this is all free info now I think.  Seriously would you spend ten minutes or twenty minutes to hear Nick's picks or tennis results... guess information was worth more back 20+ years ago. 

Ok, now to the important stuff, TENNIS STRINGS!  yes Holabird Sports Discounters had a two page spread back then.  I don't see any polyester or hybrid strings listed, unless you count the Prince Pro Blend - wow at $13.95 a set it was a premium.  VS Gut was $27.95 per set.  Some other classics back then were Tournament Nylon by Prince, Gamma Marathon and Gamma Ruff, Leonia 66, Babolat Fine Play and Wilson Gyro.  Wow what a mix of strings.  

So there you have it, no poly or multi's like we have today!... oh how the game has changed...

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