Enjoy the Australian Open with your favorite coffee cup

The festivities at the 2013 Australian Open are already underway with all the fun and new ways to enjoy the first grand slam of the year there is no reason not to get in on it.  As I sit in the early morning hours enjoying a fresh cup of coffee in my Melbourne Starbucks Cup some thousands of miles away from the action I know that I can stay connected and feel part of the action like never before. 

This year you can find new ways to stay connected with the tournament from anywhere.  Aside from the match to match action and analytics by IBM's slamtracker and AO radio the following is a great way to stay in the action.

1.  Bookmark the site in your usual desktop location so you can access the Australian Home page immediately.
2.  Sign-up to get the daily AO updates via email.  (this can be found here)
3.  Connect with the usual Facebook, Youtube,Twitter and Pinterest as well - whichever suits you best.
4.  Sign -up to get the RSS feed from the Australian Open website, this way you get the feed for the latest news.
5.  Connect with your smartphone, get the app at the AO page here.
6.  Daily Media notes.  Visit the ATP Tour website and view the daily media notes that come out, this is a good way to find out about head to head matches and how the players are performing,etc.

Stay connected here as I take you through the next two weeks.  Keep on stringing!

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