A look inside the 2013 Australian Open onsite racquet stringing room

At the AO 2013 thousands of rackets will be strung during the tournament.  The stringing room appears  somewhat larger than several years back, more room for the stringers and you can have a brief look inside where all the stringing action happens.

FROM MY EXPERIENCE:  The racket stringers get assigned players and will generally string all the frames for that player for the duration that the player is at the tournament.  Generally the stringer will get a draw sheet for the day and know when his player is 'on court' and the stringer will need to stay close and be ready to string if needed.  Some rackets are distributed to certain stringers based on certain factors.  Some players will require more 'on court' rackets than others and might be known for on-court rackets.  Basically this means that during a match, a player sends a racket back to the stringing room with the ball-person that is on the court with the player.  From the time the racket enters the stringing room, the stringer or even 'team' of stringers rush - but still with the same quality, get the racket done and stenciled and bagged and back on the court within 13-15 minutes usually.  The reason I say 'team' of stringers is because many times when an on-court racket comes back, one person preps the string, one cuts out the previous strings while the actual stringer is getting ready to string. Some stringers are more comfortable and competent to get this done in the required time.  THERE is no room for any errors during this time.  The pressure is on and you sometimes find yourself sweating or feeling the adrenaline rush.  Racket stringing at this level takes a lot of experience and some confidence in yourself.

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