Hybrid tennis stringing and tie-off holes quick tip.

The action at the US OPEN probably has taken some of your focus on stringing but hopefully not.  I want to address a quick tip here regarding hybrid stringing.  Keep in mind that when stringing a hybrid string combination that you understand where the tie-off knots will go and especially if you are stringing identical rackets for your client. The reason that I want to focus on this point is for the reason of keeping things consistent and to be sure to tie-off the strings at the same hole for both frames.

More times than I want to admit, I have found the tie-off knots at different places on identical rackets for the same client! The primary reason is not necessary out of sloppy stringing but simply because one of the holes was blocked, the grommet cracked, etc and to make it easier, the stringer found a different hole. You can avoid the problems listed here by knowing where the tie-offs will be.

Use an awl to increase hole size as necessary before installing any strings. I like to use an awl and just make sure the hole is big enough, sometimes the strings that were previously in the racket might have been thinner and therefore by resizing the hole you won’t run into any problems later on.  

Happy stringing. 

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