With the 2012 US OPEN just around the corner..

The time seemed to fly by at mach speed for me the past few months.  With all the excitement of Wimbledon and the Olympic Games and all the action at the All England Club, I haven't had a chance to really process this years US OPEN yet.  With Nadal's departure already a reality we are sure to hear more injuries and exits in the weeks to come. 

On a happier note, be sure to check back here often for updates, fun facts and all the news surrounding this years US OPEN.  Join the 2012 US OPEN Bracket challenge and not only compete for prizes but try your luck in picking the winning players each round!  It's free and will keep you watching for the entire tournament.  Sign-ups start August 23rd and you can follow the link to the US OPEN.org site. 

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