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Saving money on tennis strings - 7 Trial Packs to check out now

Most likely you have purchased something in bulk sometime in your life.  We live in a Costco and Sam's Club society and can't get away from the idea of buying in large quantitties.  Although the idea of stepping foot inside of a large box retailer doesn't do much for me, taking advantage of online deals does.  Take advantage of this form of reasoning and save yourself some money on tennis strings today.

The two advantages are rolled out here.  Buying in larger quantities saves you money especially buying trial packs. Luxilon, Wilson and  Genesis are among the tennis companies that offer trial packs.  Not only do you get an assortment of several strings you also save on the per set price.

The following includes some deals worth checking out.

Trial Pack - Wilson NXT : Wilson Tennis String Packages : Now you can sample all four of Wilson's best-selling, top performance multifilament strings. This NXT Trial Pack is perfect for anyone who loves experimenting with new strings. This trial pack contains: Wilson NXT 16 Multifilament Synthetic. Optimal playing string providing superior shock absorption and gut-like playability. Replaces Sensation NXT 16: Same great string with a new name. NXT is Wilson's premier playability string. If you're looking for comfort, feel, and playability, you're looking for NXT. It's constructed with polyurethane, the same material used for cushioning in your shoes, so this string is a great choice even if you suffer from arm pain. Closest playing string to natural gut, No.1 rated synthetic gut string for playability and comfort (USRSA), expands sweetspot by 10%, reduces vibration up to 74% vs. traditional synthetic gut, patented construction using Dupont Xycromicrofibers. Wilson NXT Tour 17 Multifilament Synthetic. The Wilson NXT Tour 17 offers the softest feel and highest performance. With its gut-like playability and awesome durability the NXT Tour delivers the maximum performance demanded by players everywhere. A step up from NXT, Wilson NXT Tour is the definitive playability string in Wilson's line. Designed for players that only want the best in feel, comfort, and playability, this string is also excellent for tennis elbow sufferers. Wilson NXT Control 16 Multifilament Synthetic. Designed for players seeking polyester-like control and premium comfort, NXT Control offers the perfect blend of both. Internal Hybrid construction combines polyester and nylon fiber bundles with PU. The polyester fibers provide ultimate control while the nylon and PU provide that renowned NXT comfort. Wilson NXT Max 16 Multifilament Synthetic. NXT Max 16 is one of the most durable synthetic gut strings on the market today. Xycro Micro Fibers are impregnated with 40% polyurethane and are protected by 3 abrasion shields. MXT Max 16 lasts 20% - 40% longer than original NXT and provides a larger sweet spot and better vibration dampening.  (Manufacturers product information).  $49.95

Trial Pack - Luxilon Rising Stars : Luxilon Tennis String Packages : A great trial pack for tennis players looking for a sampling of the best of the best, the Luxilon Rising Stars Trial Pack gives you a phenomenal sampling of some of the brand's best upcoming strings. This trial pack includes: Luxilon Adrenaline 125 Polyester. Adrenaline is a liquid crystalline polymer string that provides abundant power, precision and playability for aggressive and exciting players. Expect tour quality performance and outrageous game enhancement. Luxilon Adrenaline Rough 125 Polyester. Adrenaline is a liquid crystalline polymer string that provides abundant power, precision and playability for aggressive and exciting players. A textured surface provides enhanced grip for amazing spin potential. Surface denting increases the string's flexibility for added power potential. Luxilon Savage Lime 127 Polyester. Designed for players who want to hit hard, heavy shots; now you can unleash your power with Luxilon Savage™. Savage™'s unique six-sided shape provides extreme spin potential. Enjoy enhanced feel with Liquid Crystal Polymer construction. Luxilon Savage Black 127 Polyester. Designed for players who want to hit hard, heavy shots; now you can unleash your power with Luxilon Savage™. Savage™'s unique six-sided shape provides extreme spin potential. Enjoy enhanced feel with Liquid Crystal Polymer construction.  $32.00

The Luxilon Alu Tennis String Trial 4 Pack includes Alu Power Alu Power Rough Alu Power Spin and Alu Power Fluoro Alu Power is a more durable string that is able to offer both power and control Alu Power Rough is more geared to the control oriented player who wants a durable string as well You wont have any problems generating spin with this string Alu Power Spin has all the features of Alu Power but the pentagonal shape of the string gives added bite and enhanced spin With this string you can look to take big swings and still have control Alu Power Fluoro is a little bit more forgiving on the arm and has a softer feel than the Alu Power. $49.95

Luxilon string has taken the tennis world by storm changing the way high level tennis is played Now they are giving you a chance to check out four of their top offerings in one convenient cost effective bundle Featuring Savage Black 127 Savage Lime 127 Adrenaline 125 and Adrenaline Rough 25 the Luxilon Rising Stars Trial Pack gives players a sampler of string to enhance power spin and control Both Savage strings offer new liquid crystalline polymer construction for added control and a hexagonal shape to increase spin Our playtesters felt the Savage string outperformed RPM Blast in terms of spin and feel Also with the liquid crystalline polymer construction the Adrenaline family of string creates extra spin and control for a player desiring slightly less pop than Luxilon ALU power Adrenaline rough is a textured string that produces increased spin generation Both Adrenaline strings are the perfect choice for the strong baseliner in need of extra spin and control Construction Copolyester Monofilament Savage Extruded Polyester Monofilament Adrenaline Color Black and Lime Savage Silver Adrenaline Gauge 16 Savage 16L AdrenalineNeed help selecting a string Check out our Choosing The Right Tennis String guide for more assistance.  $32.00

Play like the pros with the Luxilon Most Used On Tour String Trial Pack This pack includes the top 4 Luxilon strings used on the ATP and WTA tour including ALU Power 16L ALU Power Rough 16L Timo 110 and the original Big Banger Luxilon offers some of the most durable string with great feel Give this trial pack a try to find out which Luxilon string is best for you. $44.95

The Wilson Sensation Trial Pack includes two different Sensation stringsWilson Sensation remains popular among players of all levels thanks to its combination of feel and playability Sensation will play slightly stiffer than Wilson NXT due to the outerwraps which helps to increase the durability of the string by protecting the microfiber core This is a solid string choice for players seeking comfort and overall playabilityWilson Sensation Control is an improvement in control and overall feel thanks to the added LCP Ribbons Very easy on the arm this string has exceptional playability and comfortSave approximately 15 when you purchase the Wilson Sensation Tennis String Trial Pack that includes 2 sets of Sensation 16G and 2 sets of Sensation Control.  $24.95

Trial Pack - Genesis Sampler : Genesis Tennis String Packages : A perfect mixture of Genesis' best strings, this sample pack is perfect for players wanting to sample the best of the best. Sample pack includes: Genesis Black Magic 17 Polyester. Genesis' Black Magic string offers a superb balance of power and control and excels over other polyesters with enhanced feel and comfort thanks to a softer monofilament co-poly construction. Softer than most polyesters on the market today for increased feel and comfort, Black magic still offers a serious punch with excellent tension maintenance and durability. Genesis Twisted Razor 16L Polyester. Delivering outstanding spin along with pinpoint accuracy and unrivaled tension maintenance, Twisted Razor is a new generation of co-poly string that features triangular, three sided, tri-blade technology. The polyethylene combined with thermoplastic poly elastomers offer players the best in feel and power. An extra coating of Teflon increases the liveliness. Genesis Typhoon 16L Polyester. Typhoon is extruded with a pentagon profile and is then additionally twisted axially for maximum bite and control. Delivering pinpoint accuracy with outstanding spin and tension maintenance, Typhoon also provides enhanced feel and power. Genesis Typhoon is made from a proprietary composite formula of high-tech polyester resin that is combined with new performance enhancing chemical additives. The poly ether material with aluminum fibers offers players the best in feel and power. An extra coating of Teflon increases the liveliness. Genesis Hexonic 16L Polyester. Hexonic is a hexagonal shaped co-polyester string offering impressive spin potential with long lasting performance and tension maintenance. Combining great power with control, playability and comfort, Hexonic is a truly great value. Genesis Hexonic utilizes special chemical additives making it extremely comfortable. $29.95

For fans of the Pro Overgrip or someone that wants to try something new the Wilson Pro Overgrip Trial Pack is an excellent choice This package of 12 grips contains four of the favorite Wilson Pro Overgrips four of the more absorbant Pro Overgrip Perforated and four Pro Overgrip Sensation for those that like a thinner grip for enhanced feel. $10.95

Check these deals out, click on the links and be redirected to Tennis Express.  Again purchase over $70.00 and you also get free shipping! 


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