Racket Stringing Techniques-pre-stringing racket preparation

For many racket stringers, the only concern is putting the strings in the racket but a true technician looks at the early preparation with the same concern as the actual stringing.  Not only can the early ground work set you up for a much easier stringing it can also help support your long term business goals.  Keep your skills up to date, learn some new tricks and let me help you become a better racket stringer.  Make sure you sign up for the email support, weekly newsletter that will be starting soon as well as updates!  Here are just a few of the many items to look at.

I am currently working on my video series about early preparation and the pre-stringing process and benefits, here is a written overview of what to expect.  The first video should be out later this week.  I have been a little slow getting some of my stringing tips and support on video but I am excited to be using this medium to help other stringers.

My Introduction Course as it will be outlined will be as follows:
• The first area is in regards frame structures and preparation of the racket prior to installing strings.

• Machine types /tool types and the necessary items for getting started.

• String composition and characteristics and a brief overview of the types of strings you should stock when getting started.

• Standard stringing patterns, techniques and knots along with some time saving tips.

• Grommet / bumperguard replacement, evaluation.

• Basic grip replacement and size issues / changing grips for left hand players.

• Problem avoidance, short-cuts, best practices.

• How to start a stringing business part-time, overview.

• USRSA Membership information and how to become a certified stringer.

If you are interested in finding out more about this course or would like 1:1 email support, please send me a note.

These are just a few of the techniques and strategies I use in the pre-stringing process... The full report will be explained in my video series and I will follow up shortly on this list.

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