Part 2 of the beginning stringing course-securing the first main string

Part 2 of the Beginning racket stringing course is entirely dedicated to securing the first string.  I am spending a considerable amount of time on this step whether here on the online course or whether I teach it in person in my traditional stringing courses.

One primary reason for emphasizing the importance is because many string jobs get botched  at this step and string damage occurs here.  Many stringers don't realize that the string damage from slipping clamps, overclamping or even bad clamp angles cause the greatest damage here.  The string might not outright break initially during this time but when the customer is in your shop the next day or calls you up and says that his strings broke, well the thoughts in your head could lead you back to this step in the stringing process.

Over the years I have seen and used various methods to secure the first main string.  Several ways that can be effective include only the base clamps and other methods include a starting clamp as well.  If you do not have a starting clamp I would recommend purchasing one, it will be one of the best and most versitile tools you will own!

I will be adding a video to show this step in the next few days, it is much harder to describe without video.  Please stay tuned.

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