Don't Forget about the Olympics - Tennis begins Friday even without twitter?

The 2012 Summer Olympic Games are about ready to get started.  Of course much of the news today has been around how Twitter has had a major outage and apparently Olympic Tweets are expected to surge with the Olympic games about to get underway so this news is sure to be headlines.  On a more important note, the official Tennis Olympic website should be your constant source and up-to-the minute news for the games.  The International Tennis Federation Olympic Site provides official Olympic tennis information, Twitter and Facebook updates, A media guide you can download, access to mobile apps so you can follow the action on your phone.

If you generally subscribe to RSS feeds, the ITF does have several feeds you can subscribe to and if you visit the official ITF Tennis website, scroll to the bottom of the home page, you will find an area where the RSS feed icon is displayed, scroll over and it provides options on feeds and then you can get the specific RSS feed for Olympic Tennis Only... How cool is that!

I hope this information was helpful.  I will be updating this more shortly.

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