Beginning racket stringing tips - What string should I be offering for durability

Q: My customer wants a more durable string, where should start figuring out the type of string to use?

A; The first thing that i like to find out is if the customer likes the type of string they have, if so than perhaps a thicker version.  Go from a 17g to a 16g.  If the customer has no preference than perhaps the next more durable string.  If they are playing with a natural gut or multifilament string than perhaps a synthetic would suffice.  If they already use a synthetic than perhaps something like Wilson Red Alert which is designed to be more durable than synthetics.  If the customer needs something even more durable than the Polyester string would be the next offering.  Polyester strings also offer degree's of durability.  I will be discussing some characterisitics of polyester strings in another post.

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