The Top Babolat Stringing machines you can buy now

The Fact is that Professional Grade tennis racket stringing machines are responsible for the majority of racket stringing that happens at professional events around the globe!  I have been to many tennis events and have seen the spectrum of machines being used.  There are a few key machines that produce a consistent and professional product that are worth mentioning here.  If you are possibly looking to upgrade your current equipment or just want to see what is being used than keep reading.  Generally Babolat Sensors or Star 5 machines are used at tournaments, Yonex uses a top line model for stringing Yonex players at events, Tecnifibre has a machine that is used around the globe at there sponsored events, Wilson Uses the Baiardo machine at the US OPEN, Australian Open, Miami and several other events.  Pacific has a machine that is also used at some global events.  Some stringing teams use older Babolat star 4 machines at tournaments because they are more portable and very reliable.  If it's good enough for Roger, its good enough for me!.

The Babolat Sensor Dual stringing Machine is considered one of the top end Babolat stringing machines.  When this machine first came around many of the shops and even tour stringing teams had switched from the Babolat Star 4 to use this upgraded machine.  Some machines are better suited for travel and more reliable pull after pull, so I know that some went back to the old trustworth Babolat Star 4 machine.  None the less this top level stringing machine has had some improvements and offers the performance you might want.  Price around $5200.00.  Here are a few product details as per Do It Tennis where you can purchase this machine.

Product Details:

Babolat Sensor Dual Stringing Machine

  • Easy to use 6 point mounting system
  • Dual action quick release string clamping system
  • Circular turntable with lock
  • Quick release tension head
  • Digital display for tension setting and machine information
  • Adjustable stand with aluminum base
  • Comes complete with tools
  • Three Year Warranty

  • The Babolat Star 5 is the newest in a line of fine stringing machines from Babolat.  My experiences with the early Star 3 and Star 4 machines brings this new version with some added features.  The one aspect of the Babolat machines that I always like to mention is the feel it has.  Many times when I get asked what machine is better' babolat or wilson, it sometimes depends on preference.  I kind of equate the Babolat machines to the 'BMW' car series and the Wilson machine as the Cadillac of machines.  They both have different feels but still have top performance.   The babolat machines have a simple basic look to them but are consistent and reliable.  Some other brands, although high end and expensive have more bells and whistles and feel more bulky.  Price for this machine around $3500.  If you are ready for an upgrade from your current machine than this would be the one to get. 

    Babolat Star 5 Stringing MachineProduct Details:

  • Electronic linear traction system
  • Automatic adaption to type of string used
  • Easy tension conversion from pounds to kilograms
  • Knot over tension
  • Pre-stretch
  • Three Year Warranty

  • Babolat Star 3 and Star 4 machines are no longer manufacturered  but can still be found for sale.  Generally the Star 3 will fetch around $1500 for a good used one and the Star 4 will still be around $2500 + for a good used machine.  Parts are always available and there are people around that can help you fix them if needed.  You can't go wrong with the performance.

    I hoped this helped you get a feel for what Babolat currently has.  I will continue this by adding some more machines in the next several days.

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