a tip about how to add value to your current racket stringing business

As a racket stringing professional, I continue to learn and refine my methods and technics. I have addressed a number of tips and tricks that have been effective. Here is one of the tips I offer in my "25 racket stringing tips" ebook. RACKET PREPARATION 1. Always inspect the racket in the presence of the customer. Look for any cracks in the frame, stress fractures, excessive wear, grommet wear and also inspect the grip and handle for wear. This step allows you to immediately discuss with your client the wear of the racket and any additional services you might need to perform to assure the racket is working to its optimal performance ability. One major benefit from this tip is that the customer cannot blame or hint the fact that you might have had something to do with the crack or stress fracture. Many stringing clients rarely know that their frame is cracked or broken and although they might not be out to blame others, it is just better to be able to discuss this with the customer prior to them leaving the racket with you. It is possible to break a racket during stringing and I have seen it done, even to a WTA /ATP tour player! So always use the best practice approach to stringing. If the grommets are worn or cracked offer replacement opportunities (although you might not have one in stock for that particular racket, you can either offer to order it for this stringing or order it and string the racket as is, but put some head tape over the frame after stringing) or tube the broken grommet, if the racket is worn beyond repair than offer to find a suitable replacement (opportunity to sell one in the current line of retail rackets). If the grip is worn this is a great time to talk about grip and over-grip options. You might also find that the customer might be looking for a bigger grip and needs a build up, the frame has a slight rattle or the butt-cap is lose. This step of the process is where many value added service and products could be sold. This is also a good time to ask how the racket is performing and if there are any issues that the customer has with his current equipment. SUMMARY A. Inspect frame for: cracks, stress fractures. B. Inspect grommet/ headguard: offer replacement, repair grommet or use head-tape. C. Inspect Handle: Check for over-grip / grip replacement, ask about grip build-up and check for loose butt-cap. If this tip has been helpful or you have any comments, additions or want to share your experience, please do so. You can purchase all 25 of my stringing tips for $9.95.

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