My Daily Q & A for beginning racket stringers on hybrid strings

Q: How do I create my own hybrid string set-ups and what length should I cut my sets?

A: Generally you will start with two sets of complete strings.  A set of tennis strings generally runs in 40 feet sets, some run 38 or 36, and some even 44 feet.  You should be able to string 99% of the tennis rackets with a 40 ft set of strings. 

1.  Cut the set or sets of strings exactly in half.  Uncoil the set and secure it around your stringing machine, or mounted racket and just measure to know where the exact center is, then cut it.  You now should have two sections of 20 feet of string.  Generally the main strings will take up more than the crosses but if you cut exactly in half than you won't run into any problems later.

2.  You will be stringing your racket using a two-piece configuration.  Choose which string you want on the mains and proceed.  Next string your crosses with the type of string (also cut this set in 20 feet sections).

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