Gamma Zo TNT Tour Hybrid 17 or your own Gamma tennis string hybrid

Gamma TNT2 has been around the block and has stood the test of time. Although not as many of my stringing clients ask for it by name like they used to, it is a great alternative to many synthetic tennis strings. Using TNT2 as a hybrid can also be a great way to utilize its characteristics without giving up more durability or spin. You can purchase a prepackaged Gamma Zo TNT Tour Hybrid at the online retailers for a street price of around $14.00/set but it might be more cost effective to make your own hybrid. Since Gamma TNT2 Tour runs about $12.00/set, I am basically paying $8 dollars for a half/set of poly here to buy it prepackaged. I can do better and have some other options with poly by creating my own hybrid combination. Combination 1: Try using the TNT Tour 17 in conjunction with your favorite polyester string. Luxilon Timo 18g (1.10) in the mains and the TNT Tour 17 in the crosses. Great for spin and feel. If you don't break much string than perhaps try the TNT TOur 17 in the mains and the Luxilin Timo in the crosses. It will feel more crisp and the power will be more controlled. Tension: keep the tension of the polyester consistent with what you have been doing previously with your polyester. If you are new to polyester strings than maybe back off the tension about 5 to 10 lbs! Combination 2: Use a 16g synthetic or even a crisper multifilament such as Wilson Sensation in the mains and use the TNT Tour 17 in the crosses. These are just a few ideas to get you thinking about your own hybrids and especially combining the characterisitics of the TNT line of strings. FYI: Don't mistaken the traditional TNT2 with the new TNT2 Tour string. The TNT2 Tour has a new constuction, and a stiffer outer polyamid wrap. Perhaps more responsive. Try the original TNT2 to save even more $$$.

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