Daily Beginning Racket Stringer Q and A for Wednesday June 13th

Q:  As a beginning stringer who is trying to build a part time business, what strings should I be stocking?

A:  This can be a complex issue and the market can vary some from coast to coast but if you start with what is popular and a proven leader, you can't go wrong.  The latest issue of RacketSportsIndustry surveyed the 'Top-Selling" Tennis strings by volume for January-March 2012.  The results are synonymous with several classic long time performers along with a few fairly newer strings.  The List is as follows.  1.  Prince Synthetic gut with Duraflex, 2.  Wilson NXT.  3.  Babolat RPM Blast.  4.  Wilson Sensation.  5.  Prince Lightning XX.  The 5 strings mentioned will give you a starting point and cover a variety of string types.  In this group alone you have a polyester string, several multifilaments and a basic solid core/nylon synthetic gut string.  Tomorrow I will answer a question related to string guages and expand this list. 

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