Can Prince Tennis Be reenergized?

The May Bankruptcy filing of Prince Sports Inc. put a ripple in the tennis market and possibly will shift the market share of several brands.  Prince which is also better known for its Prince Tennis and Ektelon Racquetball products, appears to have substatial debt that it can not manage any further. 

The Name "Prince" has been synonymous with many great tennis rackets and technologies over the years.  Not only did Prince deliver the Graphite Tennis Racket, long body racket and oversize racket, many top players used the racquets over the years.  Prince has several of the top strings of all time such as the ' Prince Synthetic Gut' with Duraflex and 'ProBlend' strings.

According to the May 1st, 2012 Wall Street Journal article, It's unit sales last year equalled $59 million in sales but it wasnt enough to pay on its $65 million in debt.  The competition in the Tennis market is fierce and enough to cause it's downturn.  Prince does not appear to have as wide of a product range as companies such as Wilson or Head.  Authentic Brands Group LLC purchased Prince's debt and know hold's ownership of Prince.
It now looks like Battle Sports science will license its products, according to the July article in Racquet Sports Industry.  We can only hope that new strategies and marketing genious can revitalize this tough situation so we can continue to see Prince as a major player in the tennis industry for many years to come.

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