Your Daily Beginning Racquet Stringer Q and A for Monday June 11th

Q:   I have a stringing machine, how do I get started stringing rackets ?
A:   The first thing is to get some practice.  Find a racket, preferably one that you are familiar with, perhaps your own. Study the string pattern.  How many mains and how many cross strings does it have.  The main strings run from the top to the bottom (throat) and the cross strings run horizontally from left to right.

Find the center of the racket at the top. Count how many main strings are on one side of the center. Figure out what string is the first cross string at the top.  Once the strings are out, generally you can see which way the holes are bent toward and you will start to learn what the patterns look like, how much space is between each string, etc.  at first it will be difficult so it is important to write down anything related to the frame or have the pattern in front of you.  You can get patterns to most of the rackets by either going to the manufacturer's website or if you join the USRSA ( United States Racket STringers Association) you can get a complete book on all the patterns! Free with membership.

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