Luxilon Timo 18g tennis string is worth a look

Check out Luxilon Timo 1.10 g tennis strings for more power and added control with the durability you come to expect with a polyester string.  Luxilon has been producing a number of polyester tennis strings since it's original Alu Power 16 Big Banger Tennis string.  Why play with a thick polyester when you don't have too?  It has been my experience that players have always been looking to go thinner when it comes to tennis strings.  The possibility of more spin, feel, and overall performance has been linked to thinner strings but usually at a cost (durability). 

Many players now are trying polyester tennis strings for various reasons, but generally the shift to a much thinner guage has been a slower transition, at least from my experience.  Many players hear about 18g polyester and afraid to try it.  Some hard hitters will break an 18g (1.10) polyester but generally this might be good starting point in exploring the polyester line of strings.  The added benefits most definetly out weight the costs.  If you do end up finding that its too thin, there are plenty of 17g polyester strings to try.

Luxilon Timo 1.10 appears to be a good string for most recreational players and club players.  It offers the characteristics of other thin strings along with the power and durability that you generally find in thicker strings.  If you really need durability than there is a great polyester string to try... more on this next time.

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