How does hybrid tennis stringing impact my tension-part 1?

The question of how hybrid stringing effects tension is an issue and needs to be addressed in the context of your current string / tension set-up.  Because the single tension scenerio you had with a 'one' string set-up now transforms into the possibility of 'two' variable tensions.  The key factors as I see them in the tension issue pertain to your 1.stringing machine (constant pull vs manual- more on this at a later post), 2. current guage of string, 3. current string and 4. current tension.  Assuming your not changing your racket, stringing machine or stringer than there are just two variables to take into account.  I always stress with my clients to reduce the number of variables you want to change.  Changing your string, guage and moving to a hybrid string is too much all at once.  The idea is that if you find a new combination that you like, you need to know which of the variables caused the change you like, changing three things at once might make that impossible.

First off, lets assume you want to generate about the same control and power level.  The first thing to consider on your journey to the perfect hybrid string tension is the type of string you are moving away from and moving to.  EXAMPLE:  If you are using a 16g Prince Duraflex and want a hybrid, try using the Prince Duraflex as part of the hybrid combination, therefore you are adding only one new type of string.  For feel, try using a multifilament string in the mains and the duraflex in the crosses.  I would recommend keeping the tension in the duraflex the same, but perhaps add several pounds of tension on the multifilament.  This would be a great way to see if the multifilament gives you any new characteristics that a softer string often can.  If you don't see much of a difference, change up the strings and put the duraflex in the crosses and the multifilament in the mains, again adjust the tension of the multifilament by several pounds.

I hope this helped spell out a way that hybrid tennis stringing can impact tension.  More on this in my next posting on this.  Comments welcomed.

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