Consider string characteristics when creating your next tennis string hybrid

TENNIS RACKET STRING HYBRID COMBINATIONS FOR SPIN!  While stringing up a client's tennis racket today, I was reminded about how some string hybrid combinations just make sense.  There is much research behind the notion that a 'pure' polyester stringbed (poly in both crosses and mains) creates the ultimate spin string combination due to the natural characteristics of its ability to relax back to its original position after striking the ball.  This idea got me thinking about how some hybrids that include poly and synthetic gut can also create this effect if the hybrid consists of strings that can continue to move against each other such as with the combination I put together today.   Generally you don't get this effect with a poly in the crosses and a multifilament in the mains- generally the string wont move at all in this senario. 

Here is what I mean / example in case:  I strung up a 16 x 18 pattern frame and installed a Luxilon 125 poly in the mains at a 57 tension and then strung up the crosses with a Wilson RED ALERT at 53 lbs (the tension is not important for this example).  The red alert is a string that has a smooth outer coating (said to be about twice as durable as other synthetics).  This combination is magic for the smooth effect.  These two strings move freely and don't feel like the get notched or 'stick' together.

The client was happy, has a durable tennis string hybrid and possibly a string combination that creates a bit more topspin!.  There are more combinations out there that fit this bill and I hope to explore them here on this site and share the information with my regular readers.  I hope this helped and please leave a comment.

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