Use kevlar strings without hurting your arm

Ouch my arm hurts from that stuff!... This should not be the case with kevlar.  Although it is considered the stiffest and less forgiving of all tennis materials, the impact on your arm can be controlled.  Remember that when stringing with an aramid / kevlar tennis string, reduce the tension 10 - 15 % right of the top.  If you reguarly string at 60 lbs than back it down to 50-54 lbs.  Here are a few more tips to consider when stringing Kevlar / Aramid Strings.

1.  Reduce tension 10 - 15 % or  less.
2.  Use a thin kevlar string - 18 or 19 g.
3.  Use it in a hybrid stringing and string it in the main strings.

Just wanted to add this tip for all the kevlar / aramid and Prince Problend fans out there.

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