Tennis hybrid string combinations that won't break the bank

Many players are switching to tennis string hybrid combinations as a way to gain access to two different types of tennis strings and the benefits that each offer.  The idea is that in a hybrid string combination the strings installed in the main strings will create your primary playing characteristic and the cross strings are the secondary.  If you want durability than you would place the durable string in the mains and visa versa for playability. This is the primary idea behind creating a tennis hybrid string combination.
Pre packaged hybrid tennsi strings vs. self selected hybrid tennis strings:  The tennis string manufacturers make it easy for the consumer by offering  pre packaged hybrid combination (two different strings) strings 'packaged' and ready to go.  You will find hybrid string combinations that range in gut/poly, gut/ synthetic, multifilament / poly, multifilament / synthetic along with various gauges and composites.  Tennis players that are more selective with hybrid strings might want to create and experiment with their own combinations and this what I specialize in with my clients.  This article is about finding some cost effective hybrid string combinations that won't leave you broke and more importantly will meet your playing needs.
Tennis company Marketing campaigns and the cost of player endorsement deals ultimately filter down to what the end consumer pays when they go out and purchase a product, and tennis strings are no different.  Rafael Nadal promotes and is paid by Babolat to not only play tennis and play it well, he is also responsible to help sell the Babolat Brand and this costs Babolat millions.  Many string manufactuerers offer comparable products that aren't as marketed and created on a smaller budget and those are the focus of this article.
Three cost effective hybrid tennis string combinations include one in each of the areas for durability, playability and spin.
Durability:  For Durability The Babolat pre-packaged tennis hybrid of 17 g (1.25mm) Pro Hurricane + the N.VY 16 g crosses provide a combination that is playable yet durable and more giving than straight poly.  Retail price around 9.95 per set! (5.00 half-set adjusted price).
PlayabilityAlpha Gut 2000 17g multifilament for the main strings (retail $5.90) and Gosen OG sheep micro 17 for the crosses ($3.95 set / $2.00 half-set adjusted price).  For a total of $7.00 for the hybrid combination.
Spin: MSV Focus Hex 17L (1.18) String for the mains at $7.95 set / $4.00 half set-adjusted price).  For the crosses I would use Prince Duraflex 17g $4.95 set / $2.50 half-set adjusted price).  This string will wear better on the abrasive main string and the notching should be less then with multifilaments.

These three tennis hybrid string combinations are a way to get started experimenting with hybrid string combinations for better durability, playability and spin.

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