Sampras and his blacked out stick sure isn't a St.Vincent.

You can surely find buzz around anything that pertains to 'secret' tennis rackets and the celebrity player behind it.  Sampras, who is a long time Wilson player, was spotted in late 2011 with a 'blacked out' tennis racket.  Sampras was considered one of the greatest players on tour with a career that spanned some 15 years.  He used basically one type and model of  racket.  In 1983 Wilson introduced the Pro Staff and Pete used the Pro Staff Original 6.0 for his entire career, the racket was known as the St. Vincent Model, after the place of its origin.  Pete had some extreme customizations to the racket making its weight close to 400g in weight and strung around 75 lbs with a thick 15 g natural gut string.  I remember tubing being in most grommet holes around the areas where the string could potentially cut into the frame, it was tough stringing his frame.

Just last week during a charity exhibition match this racket appeared, was this prototype developed by Wilson ? some speculation says it might be a Babolat prototype, and perhaps the specs are to his liking and you might see a new Wilson frame in 2012?  A discussion on Tennisopolis mentioned some specs about a racket Sampras was using while in Westwood, seems like the weight, grip and leather pads are still in play, with uncertainty about the idea of it being a Babolat or Wilson?... If you want to find out for sure, Westwood would be the place, he gets his rackets strung regularly at a sporting store there (name withheld).

You can continue your reading about manufacturer's and their marketing with paintjobs at TennisNow, this article released about a year ago and it does have a brief mention about Pete Sampras and his Original St.Vincent.

An article on in the Daily Spin section talked about Sampras and his use of the 'blacked out' racket during the exhibition charity event during superbowl weekend.

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I think you meant 17g string.